Monthly Archives: March 2000

Slow Cerebral Currents

There are days when my mind ventures into a nether world of dreams and fancy – when I exist mainly in a land of possibility and potentiality. Sugar coated days and licorice nights envelop me – a consummation of my internal wranglings – a feast of folly…Today is one of those aimless days where I present a façade to the world of industry and commitment – while I wither away the day in visions of life in motion and flow. I think perhaps Miller has once again infected my soul, his biological-life-freedom meme bouncing around in me like a pinball machine – I am alive with flashing lights and bells awhistle. “I love everything that flows!” from Milton to Miller…and today I hear it in an Irish voice being sung from the Leprechaun in my belly – “I lav ever’ting dat flose!” – at least for today, as I float in slow cerebral currents…

ADM, 3/2000

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