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Beach Walk Thoughts

I haunt the beach in the evening when the snow birds have returned to their nests, and imagine that my spirit floats on the winds of the pelican updraft like an Apache on a vision-quest. I think how I recently wrote at a moment of reflection that I was “swimming in cool cerebral currents.” But I understand now, standing on this sand, listening to these unwavering waves, the power of the nature-nurture meme, and the universality of the scientific method. What is theory as the sand squishes between my toes? Close to shore a dolphin dives, and I find my thoughts pulled into the undertow. I hear the evolutionary echoes of the sailor’s siren song. I see the attraction of the aquatic ape. The fish-mammal pulls me down further and I see worlds born from the stardust of dying suns, and I see life, civilization, and humanity being reclaimed by these timeless tides.

The dolphin resurfaces for air — or to delight my sense of life and continuity – and I am self conscious of these seraphim moments when I sense the Buddha-nature of a person, a place, a thing or a time. I continue my solitary stride in the company of footprints that will soon be washed away by the sea…

ADM, 4/2000

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